Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with local Realtors?

Absolutely! At RFP Homes, we work in collaboration with trusted Realtors to facilitate the purchase and sale of properties. Our partnership with Realtors enables us to serve clients who seek a seamless transaction with a dependable investor. By leveraging this relationship, we strive to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for all parties involved, providing peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Do you buy homes in any condition?

We specialize in purchasing homes in any condition. Whether your property requires extensive repairs, renovations, or is in pristine condition, we are ready to make an offer. Our commitment is to provide homeowners with a hassle-free solution, regardless of the condition of their homes. You can rely on us to evaluate your property fairly and make a competitive offer based on its current state. Selling your home as-is has never been easier with our dedicated team at your service.

What type of properties does RFP Homes buy?

At RFP Homes, our primary focus lies in single-family homes, as we specialize in assisting homeowners with selling their individual properties. However, we also have a keen interest in exploring other real estate opportunities, such as duplexes, quadruplexes, and small multifamily properties.

What if we require some extra time to move after close?

We understand that moving can be a stressful and time-consuming process. To provide additional convenience and flexibility for homeowners, we offer leaseback options after the close of the sale. This means that you can stay in your home for a specified period of time as a tenant, allowing you more time to handle the logistics of moving at your own pace.